3 Tips for Your Next Business Tradeshow


A new year brings many new opportunities for your business. With events coming up throughout this year to showcase your business, how do you make your next tradeshow a real success? Check out these tips to get the most out of your event. 

Use branded gifts 

"Swag" or branded gifts are something that can be done really wrong or really right. When creating and designing gifts, consider how practical and useful they might be to those receiving them. Always consider quality over quantity. Your gifts could easily end up in the back of some drawer to be forgotten forever if not created wisely. Always give away useful and functional promo gifts which allow your customer to use it regularly and make it memorable around the office space. 

Stand up and be ready! 

Don't sit down at your booth, get engaged with the crowds. Paying for exhibition space can be costly, so don't sit, just for that one day, as tempting as it can become. Look sharp and be kind, and be ready to meet any potential customers. You will have time to rest later, but being ready and alert will make your booth more approachable and compelling to customers, drawing them to come in and inspect what your business offerings are.

Use social media for maximum potential

Everyone is connected online these days. So be ready to network as such. LinkedIN is a very popular tool and create new leads and prospects for you. You can also collect and share data with other exhibitors if you coordinate properly. Get connected and share.

Use these tips to make your next tradeshow a success. And if you ever need any gift ideas, contact us and we can help with that.

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