3 Tips on How to Create a Great Team


We all know that a team of great employees is essential to the success of any business, but what happens when that team does not function properly or get along? With the number of personalities in a business, helping your team work together and take advantage of their skills and talents can be difficult, but it is essential. In a survey conducted by Clear Company, it was estimated that “97% of employees and executives believe lack of alignment within a team impacts the outcome of a task or project.” Here are 3 ways that your business can create a great team that works towards the success of the company, rather than against it. 

1.) Skills and Talents

How many times have you heard the phrase, “I feel like I do not have any meaning in my work.” According to a study conducted by The Energy Project, 50% of 12,000 employees surveyed did not feel that they have meaning at work. To help employees feel engaged in their daily tasks, focus on their skills and talents. Every member of the team has something that they can offer in order to take a project from good to great!

2.) Office Space

Cubicles are quickly becoming a thing of the past, as companies are opting for open concept work spaces. Large tables that teams can work around, communal eating areas and creative rooms where ideas can be shared and brainstormed, are helping team members connect with each other on a higher level and collaborate on projects. Many companies such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook have embraced the open concept office space as it helps them to create innovative products and ideas due to teamwork and discussion. 

3.) Communication

Successful businesses allow all employees to communicate with each other whether it be in person or through email, regarding questions, concerns, new ideas and best practices. In order to foster communication, create a space where every question or suggestion is valued. By establishing open lines of communication, great ideas can form and people’s skills and talents can be showcased. If your team is hesitant about communicating with each other, assign a fun project that requires all members to participate. When a common goal is established that everyone can focus on, not only will team members share ideas in order to achieve this goal but they will learn more about each other in the process. 

The last thing you want is for your team members to feel they are not needed, valued or heard at your company.  Such dissatisfaction can lead to thoughts of a company change/job search. In order to foster a growing team that works together, be sure to focus on their skills and talents, invest in an open concept office space and open up all lines of communication. An engaged and happy team is a successful team. 

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