4 Tips to Step Up Your “Swag” and Build Brand Awareness


For building brand awareness, one of the most effective tools is “swag” or logoed promotional products. According to a 2016 study by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), approximately 87 percent of marketers credit promotional products with helping them to reach marketing goals.

In today’s multi-channel landscape, what can brands do to get their best ROI out of this proven advertising tactic? 

Here are four tips to put a new spin on the promotional merchandise in your marketing mix:

1. Higher tech, higher impact. When connectivity rules, logoed tech accessories are fun and functional for all. Consider branded USB drives, smartphone coasters or stylus pens as giveaways at your next event.

2. Packable, practical promos. A recent blog post from ProForma shared that logoed merchandise such as bags, backpacks and totes are favourites among consumers. Prized for their practicality, bags and totes are often used for travel and errand-running, leading to wider exposure and reach. For the environmentally conscious, logoed canvas shopping bags or other eco-friendly materials are appreciated and remembered.

3. Health is wealth. Logoed fitness and wellness items such as infusers, blender bottles, yoga mats and towels and earbuds resonate well with most audiences. Not to mention, this type of logoed merchandise serves as the perfect employee incentive and is a great internal marketing tool for workplace wellness initiatives.

4. Balance promotion and purpose. With so many choices, picking the best logoed promo products can get tricky. Shop with purpose. Give event attendees and targeted audiences something that they’ll be able to use. Research continues to show that people appreciate usefulness most. 

And one more tip … call us if you’d like to build brand awareness with “swag!”

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