4 Ways to Create a Memorable Brand Experience


4 Ways to Create a Memorable Brand Experience

Not all companies have the ability to attract endless streams of customers based on their concept alone. For most business-to-business organizations, creating a memorable brand experience is a fairly foolproof way to attract and maintain a customer base. The key to a great brand experience? Personal connections!

For a brand to rise to the top, humanization of the product and the company must take place. With that in mind, here are four ways to create a memorable brand experience.

1. Be approachable with messaging. Nothing turns off someone faster than having to sift through a word jumble to figure out exactly what it is that your business does. Keep your language clear, concise, personable and free of jargon.

2. Remain consistent. Consistency is key in branding. All online and printed materials should flow seamlessly. Customers should be able to pick your brand out from the competition by look and messaging alone.

3. Put customer service first. “Humanization” of a brand isn’t only important in the language you use to communicate with your customers; it’s key to in-person interaction as well. Reinforce a great customer experience with your team at all levels, teaching them to correct mistakes with humility and put the customer first always will help elevate your brand to its best. 

4. Personalize your media. All social media should look and feel like a real person is at the other end. Refrain from using overly corrected stock photos or trite phrases, and put the humans behind your brand on your social media for people to see! It’s been proven that posts with relevant images earn nearly three times more interaction than plain text. 

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