5 essential services your growing business needs


5 essential services your growing business needs

When it comes to building your business and brand, it's important to have the right marketing mix for your business: unique promotion, focused distribution, and innovative design all come into play when preparing to launch a new successful advertising campaign.

Check out these 5 tips to make sure that your business stands out as distinctive, approachable, and impressive!

1.    Marketing that shapes your brand

Your marketing strategy should be bold and extraordinary. When creating print, don't be afraid to use interesting and irregular shapes for promotion, packaging, and mailing materials. Your branding should also speak a thousand words about your company values and leave a lasting impression in your customers’ minds. Find a qualified designer to work with you and set your business apart. 

2.    Promotional Products: are they worth keeping?

What are you putting your logo on when it comes to promotional gifts? Are the items related to your business? Will your receivers quickly forget them and lose track of them? Business cards, magnets, calendars, etc. can all be good, but only if they are done right. Never skimp on quality over quantity and always print your design and logos in the highest quality. Use a well establishing print company to help you come up with ideas and use the best tools to create them.

3.    Mailing Promotional Collateral: who's receiving them and who cares?

Getting the right distribution channels with the right print materials can be challenging. Print is still one of the best ways to inform customers about your business. Receiving mail is a chance to create and add a personal touch to your offerings in terms of product and service. If you have trouble figuring out how to distribute mail effectively, there are many companies that offer mailing distribution services to meet your needs. 

4.    Printing: Paper, Plastic, and Beyond

Printing on a variety of materials is becoming more affordable and accessible. This is why you must think outside the box when printing and designing. These days, you can produce decals, paintings, vehicle graphics, wall and window designs quickly and easily with the right services. Are you taking advantage of these innovations to maximize the products and services you offer, increasing your throughput? 

5.    Digital: is your business lost in a sea of mediocrity?

The digital internet age offers significant opportunities by way of new and often interactive platforms by which you can reach your customers, but is your content engaging and easy to navigate?  Many businesses are looking for the internet to be the saving grace of their company, but without proper integration, they will get nowhere. More and more customers are ditching their laptops in favour of their smartphones, so is your website currently mobile compatible? If your website or email campaigns are not making enough positive changes for your business, it's time to consult a marketing team who will prepare a proper digital campaign for you.

With these tips, you can bring a newfound awareness and focus in the direction that your company will take this year. How do we know these are the essential tips for rapid scalability? KKP's business is creating successful and innovative marketing campaigns and promotions. We aren’t just a printing company, we make ideas happen. Please feel free to contact us to help you with any questions you may have.

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