Benefits of a Business Publication


It seems that everywhere we go we hear about the importance of content marketing, but alongside sharing great content, businesses need to circulate information through the correct platforms as well. Magazines, articles, brochures, white papers and reports can increase engagement, promote services and build brand awareness allowing companies to stay top of mind and excel above the competition.

Showcase Work

Publications and magazines are used by large companies to showcase their past work and garner attention around new projects. A magazine or short publication gives businesses the chance to communicate their capabilities through images, design elements, colours and short explanations, to bring every project to life. Whether the publication is comprised of a few pages or of several, businesses can craft a story surrounding their work that will catch attention and promote their expertise. 

Sensory Experience

Opening a book for the first time or flipping through a freshly printed magazine is an experience that cannot be recreated by digital platforms. Not quite dead yet, but increasingly forgotten, it is this sensory experience that brands need to strive for, as how a brand communicates information is just as important as the information that is communicated. Through allowing people to reach out and touch a physical magazine, brands are forcing people to interact with the content on a greater level and are therefore making a higher impact. 

Brand Awareness

Companies spend copious amounts of time and money on increasing brand awareness, as consumers are choosing to invest in companies that they know and understand. In order to increase brand awareness, businesses need to make sure that their content is visible. Publications and magazines provide companies with the opportunity to circulate content both through mailing campaigns and at conferences, trade shows and other business related events. Printed publications can also be lent or given to friends, family members, and acquaintances, providing a way for individuals to share this content with those who will find it interesting and informative.

If you are unable to create a full-length magazine or publication, consider handing out the following;

  • Brochures
  • Short Booklets
  • Single-Page Information Sheets
  • Postcards

With the number of businesses vying for a customer’s attention, your brand needs to be visible and approachable. Printed publications are, therefore, providing a way for companies to circulate content while establishing a strong foundation to build a business relationship on. If you are considering sharing content through printed mediums, give us a call! 

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