Blueprint for Business Building your Business from The Ground Up


Build a Winning Team

A strong team will help grow your business. You alone will not be able to handle all of the aspects of the job. Hire a star-studded cast so you have other intelligent people to bounce ideas off of. In addition hiring people who share the same vision will help motivate you to be better and succeed in creating your dream.

Construct a Strong Mission Statement

Just like planting a tree you need to make sure the groundwork is stable before it can grow to its full potential. Be sure your company has a mission statement that can stand against the competition. This statement is not just what your company stands for, but what you stand for and what you plan on achieving in creating this company. 

Open Your Mind To Change

It is very rare that the first idea will go according to plan, as there are many obstacles to starting a new business. You need to make sure as the brave entrepreneur that you are ready to be flexible in the plan. In order to succeed to your full potential you need to make sure you are able to listen to those around you and be open minded in the process.

The business world is constantly changing; think strategically about what your company stands for and how you are going to achieve that. Perhaps you may have to sway away from the cookie cutter business.

Think Like a Customer

As it was mentioned above, part of opening your mind to change is changing your perspective. Look at your business like your potential customers would. Are there things that need to be changed in order to satisfy their needs?

Taking a step back from being the boss and stepping into the shoes of your customer can greatly benefit your business. In addition, asking for your customer’s opinions and listening to what they have to say can help you improve your business in ways you never thought before.            

Stay a Lean Mean Fighting Machine

Just because you can purchase a fancy $700 office chair that is super ergonomic doesn’t mean you should. At the beginning you need to cut costs where possible and wait to purchase the extravagant office chair when your business becomes more mature.

This goes for rewarding employees. While yes, you need to show your appreciation for them, find creative ways to reward them instead of cash bonuses. Maybe take all of the employees for an out of the office day doing charity work.

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