Design Considerations


Design Considerations

When a new catalogue, brochure, letterhead, logo or sales sheet is being considered, you want it to look great. But how can all that information end up looking professional and compelling and still be affordable?

For the answer to that question, contact KKP. We’ve got the expertise and experience that can help you design something that is professional and successful.

Here are some basic design elements and terms that will help you better understand your next project. So with your next design project, you may have your own ideas or you may have a lot of questions… it doesn’t matter! Come in and talk with the designer at our KKP… we’ll be happy to help.

There is no substitute for professionally produced photography. While a professional photograph can make a brochure look polished, a simple snapshot from a digital camera can look amateurish and unprofessional.

An illustration is a commissioned drawing, painting or computer animation. Designers will use illustration over photography in place of a complicated visual, to ‘relax’ a visual or for graphic impact.

Charts, boxes, stars, arrows and other symbols may be incorporated in a design to add visual interest and impact.

Pixels are a unit of picture measurement. One pixel is about the size of a period (.) in 12 point font. Dots per inch, or DPI, indicates the resolution of images — the more dots per inch, the higher the resolution. Resolution refers to the sharpness and clarity of an image. When a designer asks for a high resolution image, this refers to an image which is at least 300 dpi at final output size.

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