Handling Sales Objections


We’ve heard them all…

I’m not sure we can afford this right now, it’s not in our budget.

I’m just not sure this product is for us.

Now is not a good time for us.

How can we be sure to see a ROI?

In any sales position, one can expect to hear these objections, and although they can be disheartening, there are ways around them. They are inevitable in any business, but should never be the door slamming closed on a sale.

The key to overcoming them is to be proactive and anticipate them ahead of time. Know your customer’s needs and concerns even before they do. Incorporate them into your sales presentation and address them before your customer has a chance to.

Having said this, there may still be some objections that you didn’t anticipate, and circumstances that you don’t understand. When or if this happens, there are few things to remember.

  • Listen: This seems easy and fairly simple, but really take the time to hear the objection and understand it. Allow your customer to fully educate you on why they are apprehensive.
  • Repeat it back to them: This is a great tactic that people use to ensure that they understand something that is said to them. It also gives your client the peace of mind and reassurance that you heard them.
  • Address the concern: Once you understand the objection fully, address it to the best of your abilities. You’re there to build confidence in your product or service, and the way you address the objective is crucial in doing so.
  • Give them a chance to chime in: Take a minute for the client to have their say. Ensure that they understand everything you have said. 

At this point, allow the cards fall as they may. Continue to address the concerns to the best of your abilities. The client has enough faith in you to have the meeting in the first place. Work towards a friendly relationship and profitable relationship. 

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