How to Efficiently Work from Home


With entrepreneurship becoming an increasingly more popular career choice for people entering the workforce, working from home is growing as well. It’s not uncommon for men and women to work from home now. With wireless access everywhere you go, and digital solutions for every office function you can imagine, it’s no wonder people are choosing to work at home.

This may sound like the ideal solution for most people but it’s not always the easiest. Working from home comes with its challenges and anyone who has done this can probably attest to them. Although it may not be easy, it can sometimes be the only option when starting up a business. 

Below is a list of 5 things you can do to make working from home more effective and efficient for you.

1.     Prepare for your day as if you were going to the office. It’s easy to get up five minutes before you need to start and work in your PJ’s all day, but this may hurt your productivity. Try, instead, to wake up as if you were going to an office to work. Get dressed for the day, have a healthy breakfast and then start working. By sticking with this habit, you give yourself the feeling of working, and this might give you the boost in productivity you need.

2.     Set a routine and stick to it! It’s easy to get distracted working at home when you are responsible for your own time. Learn to set designated times for calls, emails, and certain projects to ensure that you stay focused on the task at hand. Remember that working from home means managing your own time and if you don’t have a routine this can be extremely difficult.

3.     Have a workspace away from your living space. Try your best to have a designated work area that you can go to instead of going to an office. When you don’t have this, it becomes difficult to separate and maintain a work-life balance. Individuals who work in an office have the ability to leave work there, but you don’t. Sharing an office with your bedroom may work for some, but it becomes difficult to separate work from your personal life.

4.     Work somewhere else for a bit. If working from home isn’t working for you some days, then pick up and go to a coffee house or your local library. It gives you a change of scenery, which may be the boost you need to carry on through your day. This is a good idea if you find common distractions at home.

5.     Track your time. When you have a few or more projects on the go, it can sometimes be hard to prioritize each one. When you begin to track your time, you understand which tasks require more attention. Also, you learn which ones are taking longer which can lead you to finding more efficient solutions for your company.  

Working from home is not for everyone. Some individuals need the structure and order that comes from working from an office. For entrepreneurs however, a home office may be the only affordable option when starting out. Having said that, these 5 tips above may be the productivity boosters you’re looking for. Did you find them helpful?

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