How to Improve Your Business Meeting Skills


As an entrepreneur, you need to have a professional way that stands out to talk to clients, potential customers, and associates. The more you do it the better you get. It's a gradual process of learning to effectively speak to people in order to create valuable customer relationships. To help you along, here are some tips to better engage your customer. 


Improve your body language

When speaking, it’s always important to be aware of your nonverbal cues in comparison to what you're saying. Even though you may be saying one thing, having your arms crossed, or poor posture will speak a different message. Your eye contact should also be attentive and engaging as you take time to listen and receive feedback from who you’re speaking to. Proper posture will also reduce your stress, instill confidence, and make what you say sound more serious and profound.


Learn to be a storyteller

When you tell a story, you paint an image in the listeners mind. You'll get better engagement from your potential customers with stories, as they will make what you're saying more persuasive, especially if it is something your customer can relate to. When preparing to tell a story, always keep in mind to focus on what's interesting to your listener. Present stories about particular relatable challenges and always finish strong. You will find your own story telling style, and your meetings will become more personal and enjoyable.


Mind your um's and ah's 

If you want customers to take you seriously, you need to refine your vocabulary to reduce the need for filler words. Learn to get comfortable with your pauses, rather than race through what you're saying. Hesitation free speech will help you sell to your customers better and have them be more confident with your ideas and offerings. Once you become more conscious of how often you say filler words, you will notice a vast difference in the way you are received. 

Be conscious, collected and engaging to get the most out of your business meetings.

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