How to Use Twitter to Increase Your Customer Base


Connecting with your customers is important. Through Twitter, you can reach out to businesses, current clients, and those who you would like to work with. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of this social media network and connect with more people! 

Search for Keywords

Using Twitter’s search features, you can quickly look for keywords relating to your type of business. There are millions of people tweeting every day about specific problems that your business can solve. Take advantage of this tool and respond to those individuals looking for solutions. Also feel free to offer your services. This can lead to new opportunities and give you the chance to create long term customer relationships.

Network with Influencers

On the internet, "influencers" are people who get a lot of social media attention. They have a lot of followers and are re-tweeted regularly. Consider following and connecting with these people. Look for ones that retweet a lot of information related to your field or niche. They can help promote your business and possibly even offer partnership opportunities.

Research Popular Hashtags

Learn about the most popular hashtags related to your business. Hashtags will drive attention to your business, so make sure that you are using this tool properly. Take advantage of popular hashtags and incorporate them into your tweets. Be creative and have fun with them. 

Twitter is a powerful tool that can help promote your business. Contact us if you need help running a social media campaign or promotion. Our digital marketing professionals will help you get noticed. Sign up for Twitter and get in on the conversation!

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