Printing is Absolutely Not Dead


Since the boom of the Internet and the increase in social media platforms, marketers have been migrating all their efforts online. There are many arguments stating that print advertising is now apart of history and is no longer effective. We aim to challenge that notion; print is very much still alive, however just in a different way than before.

While we are used to seeing it in newspapers, magazines and the flyers sent to us in the mail, print is still very much around us. From the packaging on products, labels, receipts to wedding invitations and much more, print advertising surrounds us on a daily basis.

Digital media has the ability to be up-to the minute with the most recent news, however, print has its own benefits that digital cannot deliver.

Tangibility: Tablets and smartphones have made it possible to get the entire world of media right at our fingertips. Nevertheless, holding a piece of paper, reading a newspaper or sitting down with a paperback book still is a much for many.

Print advertisements stay permanently in the magazine, newspaper or package and are eliminated at the disposal of the reader. On the Internet, they are gone almost instantly.

Credibility: There is something about a piece of paper, with freshly printed words that makes it seem more legitimate. Banner and pop-up ads are frustrating and overwhelming and can be seen many times throughout a users day. Users have become immune to the invasive advertisements, not noticing when they are even present. Printed advertisements however, remain to be a popular mean of communication.

Readability: Studies have shown that users merely scan the vast pages of the Internet. On average users read 20-30% slower on printed-paper then they do online. This suggests that users are engaging more with paper advertisements than online.

Availability: With marketers migrating to the online world, there is less competition for print advertisement space. This lack of competition allows marketers to be more creative and daring in their advertisements to attract customers.

With these four components, it can be clearly shown that print advertisement is far from dead. Not only is it not dead, it seems to be an opportunity that a good business should not overlook.

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