Redefining Leadership


Leadership, as described by many, is the act of leading a group of people. Many times, however, we focus our attention on the definition of leadership instead of what it means to be a great leader. It is time to concentrate on the keywords that are associated with leadership such as guidance, direction, support, control and management, and rediscover how leaders can effectively lead and support a team. Here are three ways that leaders can lead their team and achieve success. 

Be Present

Great leaders can support individuals and teams from both near and far. Employees don’t want a manager or boss standing around their desk, waiting to be needed or offering guidance or feedback. A good leader is available when they need to be; able to assist with problems and provide direction by email, phone, and in person when required. This form of leadership also helps team members grow and develop their skills and knowledge as they are encouraged to solve issues or concerns on their own before reaching out to a leader for direction, guidance and review.

Be Knowledgeable

Whether a person is managing one department or several, they need to be knowledgeable about the work that is being completed by fellow team members. Trying to support a group of people without having the appropriate knowledge to handle the situation can be detrimental to both the manager and the team, as people are left wondering how to complete their work correctly. This does not mean that a leader should take on the role of a micro-manager to know exactly what is happening each and every day, but they should be aware of the appropriate processes and procedures to offer guidance when needed. 

Be Supportive

One of the major issues that employees and team members face at their place of work is not being able to try out new strategies, technologies or even be creative. Creativity sparks innovation, and innovation can help a business excel within its industry. A team requires the support of their leader to spend some time brainstorming new ideas, speaking with colleagues and trying out new initiatives. Companies that support and foster creativity are also becoming known for their company cultures, as employees have the chance to build their role and invest more time and energy into projects that they are passionate about. 

Leadership is discussed every day in blogs, social media, news articles, and at work because working with great leaders is crucial to the success of any business. If you are looking to learn more about what it takes to become a great leader, start by speaking with your team and by revisiting the definition of “leadership.”

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