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One of the biggest arguments against print marketing is the destruction of forests. We see lumber companies clear cut beautiful rolling hills of trees, and think about all of the paper products that are being produced and then thrown away. As we discussed last week, Canada has one of the highest recovery rates for recycling paper, but many still fight against the production of these products. What if we told you, however, that paper is not primarily manufactured from the trees that once covered that beautiful landscape, but is instead produced from the scraps of lumber yards and sawmills that produce furniture and flooring, as well as recycled paper products? 

Myth: Making paper destroys forests and is bad for the environment.

Fact: Paper production supports sustainable forest management and paper is one of the few truly most sustainable products.

Paper is one of the most sustainable resources that we have at our disposal, as it is a completely renewable resource. Although trees take several years to grow, they have countless benefits for the environment, including improving air quality and preventing erosion. Several companies and organizations practice reforestation, which helps to rebuild and recover ecosystems affected by deforestation. Reforestation policies have helped to maintain our forests, as studies have found that we are cutting down less trees than those that we are planting, maintaining the current 750 million acres of forest. 

Print marketing has unfortunately inherited negative reviews due to our current environment and global warming. Print marketing, however, is a renewable source of advertising as North America has made it a priority to recycle paper products and replant forests. It’s time to focus on the non-renewable resources that we are taking advantage of, and start utilizing print marketing to a greater extent.


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