Set Up Your Day for Success


It is said that humans are creatures of habit. When given a choice, many of us will choose to follow a routine rather than start our day without a plan of action. When our carefully laid plans are disturbed, it can be incredibly difficult to get back into our routine without our day becoming stressful and hectic. This is why many CEO’s and successful entrepreneurs have established strict morning schedules that cannot be altered or disturbed, in order to be able to start their day on the right foot! Here are a few tips to help you create a routine for success. 

Morning or Night?

Do you love mornings and cannot wait to start the day, or are you most productive at night and use your mornings to catch up on sleep? Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, there are a few ways that you can set up your day for success! By knowing when you are most active and mentally aware, you can pick and choose which tasks to complete and when. Instead of struggling to sit through a meeting or write that report when you are mentally drained, set aside an hour of your day when you will be able to focus entirely on the task at hand. Not only will you complete it faster, but you will find that it sets up your day/ night for success! You can also schedule the down times of your day to focus on menial tasks like answering emails, watching a webinar, or even making your lunch and setting out your wardrobe for the next day. 

Pick Your Frog

Samuel Langhorne Clemens, known by avid readers as Mark Twain, was an entrepreneur and lecturer as well as one of the most iconic American authors of all time. One of his most famous quotes that many have used as inspiration is; 

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”

We all have those tasks that we would rather avoid instead of addressing them head on. To combat your procrastination, eat the frog and work on the hardest task at the beginning of the day. By tackling a project that seems insurmountable and difficult to do, you can free up the day to work on fun projects. Not only will you feel like you have accomplished a lot, but you'll be able to harness the time and energy that you would have spent worrying about crossing this task off of your to-do list, and apply it to the rest of your day instead. 

Take Care of Yourself 

Finally, one of the most important ways to set your day up for success is to take care of yourself. When work and life get busy, we forget to sleep, eat and exercise properly! To be able to handle whatever your day brings, be sure to eat a healthy breakfast, get a good night’s sleep and exercise. Studies have shown that getting more sleep or exercise can increase your productivity so that you can devote more attention to your growing list of projects!

As the days get shorter, it seems that to-do lists are getting longer. To make the most of your day, set up a daily routine that not only allows you to get your work done, but that helps you to take care of yourself and spend some time doing what you love. 

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