Target Marketing: 3 Tips on Enhancing Engagement


Target Marketing: 3 Tips on Enhancing Engagement

According to an InfoTrends survey, 64 percent of customer communications and marketing campaigns are personalized with one-to-one messaging, or targeted to a segment of customers or prospects. Only 35% are generic, one-size-fits-all.

Across age demographics, InfoTrends research shows that most people want to be marketed to with personalized information … and are willing to give personal data to receive more relevant content.

How do you make your target marketing outreach more relevant and integrated? Here are three quick tips to build in ways for your customers and prospects to engage with your communications tactics:

1.       Make print communications interactive. Personalized URLs included in direct mail campaigns allow your target to quickly and easily go online for more information. You gain the ability to track response and specific interests for further nurturing tactics that move them closer to purchase.  

2.       Add rich media links to digital communications. Embed video into your digital messaging. The best topics are those for which your consumers have a deep interest or even a passion. Use videos to anticipate – and answer – customer questions. And always consider its unique storytelling capability by showing your information “visually.” 

3.       Make it easy for customers to talk to you. For your print or digital communications, think about ways to simplify interaction. Links to additional information in your email outreach remove barriers for those who are still researching a product or service – and give you insights into what’s of most interest to your target. For example, a health clinic’s e-newsletter may have links to an infographic on nutrition and a video with flu prevention tips. 

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