The Moving Billboard


In order to succeed as a business owner in 2015, you need to develop creative ways to market your business. Businesses have utilized outdoor signage, ads in phone books, websites, internet advertising, posters and brochures to increase brand recognition and to promote products and services. Marketing strategies have not strayed too far over the years as print and digital marketing tactics have developed side by side and in many cases have influenced each other. Businesses are still looking to catch the customer’s attention and many have found a great way to advertise their business whenever they leave the home or office.

Vehicle Signage

Known as the, “moving billboard” vehicle signage and wraps are becoming more and more popular as people realize the potential that they can offer for their business. Billboards are stationary forms of advertising that can provide key information about your business and where it is located. Billboards, however, limit your reach and exposure.  If you place a billboard along a busy road or highway, chances are that most people who will see your advertisement will view it within the first week. Billboards can also easily become a part of the landscape, especially if the materials fade and decay or the message fails to catch people’s attention. Vehicle signage, however, remains crisp, clean and bright due to the materials used. Intriguing and colourful signage will catch people’s attention, because you have utilized your car to market your business and its products and services. No matter where you travel, you are able to showcase your business and gain exposure.

Types of Vehicle Signage

Vehicle signage is incredibly durable and can be utilized in a variety of ways to turn your vehicle into a moving billboard. Different materials can be used to create an effective sign, but vinyl is the most popular and receptive to any colour. Vehicle signage can take the form of small decals, to a full body wrap comprised of text and images. This form of signage can be utilized on several forms of transportation such as:

·         Boats

·         Motorcycles

·         Trucks

·         Cars

·         Buses

Whether you choose to promote your business through a few small decals or an entire wrap, your vehicle will stand out no matter where you go. If you choose to change your design at any time you can do so without fear of damaging your vehicle. Wraps can also hide imperfections, allowing you to promote your business in style.

Brand Recognition

Marketing strategies are based on brand recognition. If no one knows your logo or the name of your business, you will not be successful. Word of mouth, Social Media, print advertising and digital marketing are excellent ways to promote your business, but how can you speak to a wider audience if they are not close to a computer or your physical location? Vehicle wraps are a great way to promote your brand and increase recognition because the vehicle signage stands out. Whether you are driving on the highway, are stopped in traffic, parked at your business or at home or are going through a drive- through, your vehicle is marketing and promoting your products and services to those around you. Vehicle wraps are still considered a “new” form of marketing so if you decide to wrap your vehicle and utilize it in your marketing efforts, you are sure to stand out. Be creative and memorable!

Signage of any kind is an excellent way to market your business, increase brand recognition and promote your products and services. If you would like to see how your vehicle can be turned into a moving billboard, contact the professionals at KKP. 

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