The Recipe to Boost Your Creativity


Are you in a creativity rut? Need a spark to reignite your creative mojo? We’ve got the perfect blend of tips and tricks to get your creative juices flowing.

Prep time: Dependent on individual

Yields: A heaping serving of creativity

1 cup positive energy-Being positive not only improves your overall mood, but scientists have found that positive moods help to stimulate creativity. Need a quick fix? Exercise, envisioning the future or recalling positive memories may help stimulate your happier side.

1 night’s rest-If you haven’t had 8 hours of sleep, chances are your brain is too tired to try and come up with something creative. You can always think better after you’ve allowed your brain to rest. Whether you take a power nap or have a coffee break, re-energizing your brain will help get the creativity flowing. 

1/2 cup courage-Set your mind free. Don’t be afraid to try something out of the box, something that no one has done before. The best ideas were unique, crazy and downright ridiculous to some people. Apple computers were though to be a ‘dumb idea’ when Steve Jobs first pitched the idea. We all know how that story goes!

1/4 cup try again-Not all good ideas are going to come easily or on the first try. The most important thing is to not give up. If your first idea falls through, use this as a time to learn and grow and an opportunity to try again. Re-conceptualize the problem, this will force you to take a closer look at what can be better and come up with a stronger solution.

1 handful of your favourite snack-Your brain needs food to be energized and to function properly. Grab a handful of chocolate, or whatever tickles your fancy and sit back, relax and enjoy the couple minutes of sweetness. The sugar boost may stimulate your brain and encourage it to strike the ‘eureka' moment.

A dash of music-Not only will throwing on some music help decrease your stress, it actually allows you to think with both sides of your brain. Studies have shown that music can help alter moods or your current state. Put on the radio station, Songza or your music playlist and pick songs that remind you of a past event or are random to help spark something new.

15 min. walk-Whether it’s a walk around the office, a quick walk outside, or a jaunt to the bathroom, changing your surroundings will help to awaken the brain cells.

Combine ingredients together to ensure maximum creativity output.

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