Top 3 Direct Mail Formats That Drive Real Results


Tried and true. Yes. Old and tired? Not a chance! Marketers continue to reap the benefits inherent to direct mail. According to recent research, 74% always or sometimes notice advertising in direct mail, and 81% read their mail the same day the receive it. Further evidence? Consumers report that it’s the most effective way to get them to remember a product or service.

When planning your next campaign, consider these three top direct mail formats to drive interest and response:

1. The traditional envelope package usually contains a letter and envelope, a brochure and a business reply card or envelope. This is the most commonly-used type of direct mail, and it typically delivers a higher response rate and better ROI than other formats.

Try it for a new product launch or an introduction to your company capabilities. The letter serves as the introduction and states your offer, the brochure outlines the features and benefits of your product or services, and the reply is your call to action.

2. The self-mailer, also called fold-overs, are simple and generally inexpensive to produce and mail. In a tri-fold configuration, for example, you can use two panels for sales copy and the third as a detachable mail-back piece or redeemable coupon.

A common use for this format is event promotion. Self-mailers can provide enough “selling space” for a relatively simple message. An added benefit to the marketer is their pass-along value. Direct marketers tend to observe that self-mailers are relatively easy to hand from person to person or office to office.

3. The postcard is perfect for announcements of all sorts — a sale, an open house, a new product or service, a new location, or as a “thank you” for a recent purchase. Postcards can also be used as coupons that drive traffic to retail locations.

Postcards do have a lower response rate than larger formats, most likely because of their size. A postcard only has a small amount of space to get the selling message across. An oversized postcard can offer more, but the jumbo size may still be outmuscled by other formats.

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