Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing


With the Internet dominating the modern digital world, one would assume that digital marketing would follow suit; however, let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater—a lot can still be learned and implemented from the traditional forms of marketing we once loved. Let’s take a look at why each are invaluable in their own way.


Digital Marketing

There once was a time that digital marketing was non-existent, but this was before the beautiful invention of the world-wide-web. What this has introduced is a new concept of using the Internet to generate leads that the consumer and business worlds are still getting used to. One of the key advantages of digital marketing is the enhanced target audience capabilities. For example, if the age your company is trying to reach is a younger demographic, perhaps 14-18 years of age, you would be wise to target them through Facebook. There aren’t many young adults left in the world that aren’t consistently updating their Facebook profiles on a daily basis. What social media platforms like Facebook also provide is a new form of interactivity between the marketer and their target audience. Users can comment, like, and share content which in turn gives the company an idea of what they like and dislike about their campaign. In fact, digital marketing is all about interactivity. While marketing in the traditional sense was very one-sided, the modern marketing world allows consumers to feel like they are apart of a campaign; they feel more appreciated and valued.


Traditional Marketing

If anyone says that traditional marketing is no longer around, they clearly don’t watch the Superbowl. This is the largest event in television and millions of people from Canada and the United States tune in every year. Some people aren’t even interested in the actual game and only watch to see the infamous commercials. This event gets the best of both worlds. People who haven’t adapted to the modern digital marketing and still want to engage in the media through the traditional television screen or newspaper get their wish, while the younger demographic can interact through social media. Magazines are also still clinging to the ancient methods through subscriptions. While many offer their publications online, people still enjoy flipping through the glossy pages of their favourite magazines. Advertising companies recognize this nostalgic method and still pour partial funding into print campaigns. You need to know your audience, and there are still traditional media lovers out there that appreciate the old ways of marketing. 

When deciding on the right marketing campaign you have to weigh out the pros and cons of each option. You need to think about what medium will get your message cross in the most affect way, and a great deal of this hinges on your target audience. Digital and traditional marketing both have their benefits and it is safe to say that neither is better than the other. Sometimes you need a strong online presence and highly interactive social media platform to engage your audience, while other times the old-school television commercial or magazine ad will get you the attention you desire

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