Why Marketing is Awesome


Every business needs a strong marketing strategy. Not having strong marketing behind your brand can make or break your business. It is the basis of all customer interactions and the opinions those customers have of your brand.

Having said that, business owners need to be aware of some of the marketing truths to ensure they have a positive impact on their brand and the bottom dollar!

“Sales and Marketing have everything to do with one another!”

Marketing empowers the sales team. Without marketing, the sales team would not be able to sell their product. On the flip side, the sales team raises the funds that make up the marketing budget. Marketing builds the brand and the sales team sells it! It’s a very important cycle to any business.

“Ensure your Marketing is Effective”

Marketing is an area of business that has a large impact on your brand image and the way your customers see you. With that being said, make sure you spend time implementing a solid marketing strategy into your business plan, one that you can measure and ensure you have a positive return on investment. Bad marketing (and yes, there is such a thing) can have detrimental affect on your image, and this can have a direct impact on your sales and thus your bottom line.

“Marketing is Not Just Advertising!”

In today’s world, marketing is no longer a one-way conversation. It is all about building relationships. Advertising is talking to your clients and delivering them a message about your product/service (a one-way conversation). Marketing, on the other hand, is a two-way conversation. It’s about building lasting relationships with your customers and audience. Advertising is only one facet of marketing as a big picture.

“Social Media will Absolutely Have a Positive Effect on my Business”

Social media rules! It has completely changed the face of business, and how we communicate in general.  To be on social media is the norm and crucial to any business. This gives your customers an avenue to communicate with you and get to know you for more than what you sell. Consumers in general want speedy responses and a more personal touch to branding; social media provides that.

Overall, it’s important to understand marketing as a whole and know the importance of having a strong marketing strategy in a business plan. 

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